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Science For Life Team

The Science for Life Program is represented by an outstanding group of faculty, staff, and students.

Science for Life Executive Committee

Ben Dunn

Past Director of Science for Life and Distinguished Professor of Biochemisty and Molecular Biology

Anne Donnelly Visit Website

Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research

Christopher Janelle Visit Website

Professor and Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs of the College of Health and Human Performance

David Julian Visit Website

Science for Life Director, X-Laboratory Director and Associate Professor of Biology

Lucinda Lavelli Visit Website

Dean of the College of Fine Arts

Mary Jo Koroly Visit Website

Science for Life Associate Director, Outreach & Precollegiate Activities Coordinator, Director of Center for PreCollegiate Education & Training

Amy Blue Visit Website

Associate Dean for Educational Affairs and Clinical Professor of the College of Public Health and Health Professions

Ata Sarajedini Visit Website

Associate Dean for Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Elaine Turner Visit Website

Dean for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Science for Life Staff

For general inquiries, please email sfl-l@lists.ufl.edu

Kelsey Faust

Student Assistant

Matt Glover

IT Consultant

Science for Life Undergraduate Seminar X - Laboratory
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