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Undergraduate Publication/Travel Award Application

You must be a current Undergraduate Science For Life Awardee to apply for this award.


Application Information

Please format: 0000-0000
Mentor Information

Immediately after submitting this form, your mentor will be sent the publication/presentation information inputted into this form (you will be copied on this email). Once this information has been approved by your mentor, we will submit your award according to your preference below. Therefore, it is imperative that your professor's email address is correct for this email to be sent. We suggest you follow up with your mentor as well after submitting this form to ensure they respond.

Please format: FirstName LastName
Publication/Travel Information

Please choose either paper or travel depending on whether you have submitted an article to a peer reviewed journal or presented a poster/talk at a scientific meeting. Once selected, please fill out all requested information regarding your submission.

If you select "Paper" type, you need to fill only this form below.

NOTE:Papers that have been ACCEPTED, IN PRESS, or PUBLISHED are eligible for this award. Unreviewed submitted papers ARE NOT eligible.

Use only Alpanumerics and ",:()- characters

Please format: J Smith, JD Doe, ...

Please use numeric characters only

Please use numeric characters only

Unabbreviated name please

Please format: MM/DD/YYYY
Either submission or publication date

Please format: 12(3): 456-789
If unknown, input Not Known.

If you select "Travel" type, you need to fill only this form below.

NOTE: In order to receive the award for a meeting or conference, you will need to submit a brief 1/2-1 page description of the conference and what you learned from attending as well as photos of you in front of your poster and at the conference. Please submit these to the Science for Life staff (SFL-L@lists.ufl.edu). Awards for meeting and conference presentations are only disbursed after you attend the event; we are unable to give any advance disbursements.

Use only Alpanumerics and ",:()- characters

Please format: J Smith, JD Doe, ...

Unabbreviated name please

Please format: Gainesville, FL

Please format: MM/DD/YYYY
Award Disbursement Information

The Undergraduate Publication Award is paid to recipients through the Office for Student Financial Affairs as a scholarship. Typically, payment occurs the semester the application for the award is cleared. If you currently receive financial aid based on the results of the current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), receipt of this scholarship could negatively affect your current grants or loans and possibly require you to repay a portion of existing financial aid. Contact an advisor in the Office for Student Financial Affairs, S-107 Criser Hall, to determine the effect of receiving this scholarship on your current financial aid. We will not be responsible for any repayment of your existing financial aid.Also, in order to receive the scholarship you must be registered for at least one credit hour in the semester it is to be disbursed. It is up to you to make sure these conditions do not affect your award. Please select an option below:

Please format: Fall YYYY
Leave blank if undecided

The Undergraduate Travel Award is intended to help Science for Life awardees cover the out of pocket travel costs associated with presenting their research projects at national conferences. Students applying for the travel award need to submit backup of travel expenses for reimbursement of up to $500. The travel expenses should be paid by the students or in some cases, the student's parents. We cannot provide reimbursement to a student's department. Receipts need to be emailed to the Science for Life staff (SFL-L@lists.ufl.edu).

Submit Application

Note: You will need to re-upload all files if you get error message.

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